Recruit in Namibia

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How to choose the right services

Needs Assessment

Click the 'Talk to our team' button below. Fill-in the contact form and include your phone number. Our team will reach out to you to assess your needs and prepare a service proposal in line with your expectations.

Proposal Approval

After you receive the proposal, you simply need to approve a sign the service contract. Our team will register your company, create your account, and support your HR team in using the platform.

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How to recruit the best candidates

Publish your Vacancies

To recruit candidates for a specific position in your company, publishes your job vacancy in the platform for up to 1 month. Our team will support you in reviewing your job description, and make it available on all social media channels.

Dedicated Recruiter Page

To recruit the best talent and interns available on the market, creates a dedicated landing page for your company (employer branding). We advertise your company on social media to attract the best candidates in Namibia.

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How to evaluate the best candidates

Using the Questionnaire

Our platform allows you to prepare questionnaires for each vacancy, so the Candidates can be pre-tested during the application process. Prepare your questions and answers and the platform calculates automatically the score of each Candidate.

Using the Filter

Our platform allows you to use CV filters to quickly identify the Candidates that best match your requirements. Use “Years of Experience”, “Education Level”, “Languages” and many more variables to immediately sort the best Candidates.

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How to select the best candidates

Favorite Candidates

Our platform allows you to organize all your Favorite Candidates. Add your selected Candidates to your Favorites list, and add Notes and Tags to keep your list neat and with all the information you need to make a decision on who to interview.

Process Report

Our team can create a custom report on your recruitment process, including how many views and applications you received, and graphs of Gender, Age, Education, and Experience of all your Candidates. These reports provide transparency and business intelligence for your company.

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Store all your applications in a secure database that is exclusive to your company
Create a questionnaire for each vacancy you publish to pre-evaluate all the applications received
Use curriculum filters to quickly identify the candidates with the ideal profile
Use our recruitment process reports to evaluate your performance on
Candidate Statistics
Average Years of Experience
Sectors of Activity
Candidates Registered
Candidate Locations