Collections Officer

Bank Windhoek

Bank Windhoek is recruiting a Collections Officer, to be based in Windhoek, Namibia.
  • Control and management over arrear accounts under her/his portfolio, transfer of doubtful and non-performing accounts to Legal Branch as well as Bond Cancellations (Including all administrative duties link to bonds cancellations) under his/her control
Follow up of Irregular Accounts
  • Daily follow-up of accounts in arrears (Irregular accounts)
  • Diarising of actions taken/arrangements made and the capturing of it as a note/pop-up note on the system
  • Arrange for debit order deductions and the signing of the debit order authorities
  • Diaries monthly deductions per date and the completion of e-pac forms and the capturing of it
  • Control of accounts under her/his portfolio and see that the number of accounts in arrears and the amounts are within acceptable norm
  • Liaise with companies with whom we got a Housing Scheme and see that instalments are updated and correct information are send to these companies
  • Check the monthly repayment list of Housing Scheme companies monthly and rectify errors
Recover all relative fees as per Fees and Charges chart of the Bank
  • Recover telephone/Fax cost monthly by the 25th. Of the month
  • Recover all relevant cost from clients and keep record of it
  • Capturing Debit Orders & client information:
  • Ensure that all Debit Order Authorities signed by clients are timeously capture on the system
  • Capture all changes of client information timeously on the system like addresses and telephone numbers
Routine Administration
  • Account Administration:
  • Has to ensure that amendments on existing loan accounts are done timeously and correct regarding:
  • Monthly payment adjustments
  • Submitting of all new stop orders to government offices and Regions
  • Processing clients’ requests/adjustments
  • Refunding of clients
  • Notes on the system regarding adjustments or actions taken
  • Bookkeeping of instalments and payments on arrear control sheets
  • Checking of monthly loan instalments:
  • Has to ensure that all monthly payments received are check for correctness and timeously captured on the system
  • Completion of o.10’s:
  • Responsible for o.10 documents to be completed on time with the necessary supportive documentation, motivations and recommendations, with limited comebacks
  • Reconciliation of Office Accounts:
  • Has to ensure that accounts are followed up and reconciled on a daily basis as follows:
  • Do Corrections
  • Prepare Cheques
  • Prepare Journal Entries
Bond Cancellations
  • Provision Of Cancellation Figures:
  • The person has to ensure that accurate cancellation figures are provided after:
  • Determining pay-off amounts
  • Determining cancellation costs
  • Checking for cross pledging
  • Negotiating with clients transferring their accounts to other financial institutions
  • Obtaining Guarantees For Pay-Off Amounts:
  • The person has to ensure that guarantees provided are sufficient and conforming to requirements
  • Provision Of V67a Cancellations Instructions:
  • The person has to ensure that V67A cancellation instructions are prepared and delivered according to prescription with the title deed, mortgage bond and other supportive documentation attached
  • Follow-Up And Recording Of Cancellation Progress:
  • Has to follow up with organizations to ensure timeous bond cancellations
  • Has to do continuous follow up of the cancellation process, with attention to cancellation figures given more than 30 days ago and extra attention to bonds in Arrears
  • Determining Cancellations Settlement Figures:
  • The person has to ensure that accurate settlement figures are provided after determining current pay-off amounts, interest and cost
  • Issuing Of Journals For Cancellations:
  • Has to ensure that journals are issued to obtain settlement figures and few mistakes occur
  • Has to have proper knowledge of all appropriate transaction codes and minimum mistakes occur
Cancellation Final Administration
  • The person is responsible for the following administrative tasks that are executed according to prescriptions:
  • Cancellation of Home Owners Insurance
  • Cancellation of cession on life insurance
  • Proper control over final destination of the Life Policy Contract
  • Cancellations of Collaterals
  • Other correspondence according to requirements
  • Filing After Cancellation:
  • The person is responsible for proper filing and documentation of all cancelled files
  • Conduct:
  • Brand Loyalty, Discipline, Attitude And Conduct:
  • To ensure that this person abides by and upholds the Bank Windhoek “code of conduct” regarding:
  • Conduct
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Confidentiality
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Loyalty in General
  • Behaviour in public
  • Discipline
  • Other Duties: The person should be prepared/willing to do any other responsible and lawful instruction/task and it should normally be carried out on time and correct
  • Knowledge of the system and processing activities
  • Must have the adequate knowledge of the products and services that apply to this position
  • At least 3 years Banking experience (1 year at collections)
  • Professional image and grooming
  • Self-confidence and interpersonal skills
  • Computer literate: (knowledge of Windows 2000, Microsoft Outlook, Excel Level I & II and Word Level I & II)
  • Product knowledge
  • Grade 12
  • A Valid Driver's License is a MUST
  • Core Competencies:
  • Committed
  • Energetic and willing
  • Positive attitude towards system and system changes
  • Time management
  • Loyalty
  • Communication both written and orally in English
  • Teamwork
  • Reliability
  • Planning and organizing skills
  • Integrity
  • Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted
This vacancy is no longer accepting applications


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